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***Due to the relaxing nature of our treatments, children are not permitted
Please do not arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol; we have the right to refuse service for your safety and ours as well.

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Philo Medicine With Dr Justin Tan


Are You requiring to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, reignited or realigned to your best feeling self. Allow yourself to experience a customized and unique blend of Quantum Medicine, Energy Medicine and Physical Medicine.  Individualized and idiosyncratic to you, Philo Medicine is the application of meridian therapy and bio-psychosocial assessment to promote and present pathways for optimal, vitalistic and holistic healing and health. Movement, Mobility and Mantra are offered as a at home, accessible integration tool and tactic to further embody personalized medicine for thorough completion and care. Precise, Professional and Private, in person or remote healing space and sessions offered and available.  

Cosmic Facial

Our most popular service! - $99

A facial incorporating organic botanicals, chakra balancing, and energy clearing. We engage the face using crystals, facial massage and reflexology, all while incorporating Pranic Forest's own line of non toxic, effective botanical/herbal skin care products.


By stimulating deep layers of the consciousness and skin, we are able to activate your own body's healing abilities. We are trained to incorporate multi reflexology tools in our service, which naturally aid in collagen production by causing painless microcirculation to reveal a more youthful appearance.


We will be working on your energy fields throughout your body using various forms of energy medicine.

To finish off this experience you will receive a grounding foot rub, which aids in activating the lower chakras and ground down the new energy you have been infused with.


As we will be using essential oils, please let its know prior to the service if you are pregnant, have allergies, seizures, or a heart condition.


​***expect the treatment to take up to 75 minutes
***please try to arrive makeup free, but if this isn't possible you are welcome to remove it at the studio . Please be aware that your skin may be slightly reddened for the remainder of the day following your treatment. use the above link to book.



Cosmic Facial for Two

Share the love - $170

Book in for a Cosmic Facial for two people at the same time (depending on practitioner availability) and enjoy a saving of $30. 
**if you require assistance booking please call the shop 587-392-1770


This treatment will restore the life force energy into the body; also known as chi, qi, prana. The Pranic Forest staff are gifted, trained, and proficient in various healing modalities.

This treatment is includes chakra clearing, as well as frequency healing using alchemy crystal bowls, neutralizing rings, and sun rings. The treatment ends with a mindful foot rub, if you are not comfortable having you feet touched given our current global climate please let us know. You will be required to sign a waiver regarding Covid 19 prior to your service in order to receive treatment.

Simply come and lay down in one of our cozy treatment rooms, and prepare to be deeply relaxed. 

BOOK FOR TWO PEOPLE $130 if you need assistance booking for two please call 587-392-1770


Custom Facial Oil Formulation


This appointment includes sitting down with us, so that we can take a look at your facial needs, teach you about which oils we will be using in your formula, as well as how they will benefit you.

We will be crafting this custom oil using cruelty free plant based ingredients, and you will leave empowered with your custom one ounce bottle of precious oil goodness.

We need about 20 minutes, and is $60. Call ahead 5873101770 for us to make your formula for you again( refill ) for $50

***As we will also be using essential oils please notify us if you are pregnant or nursing, highly sensitive, have any allergies, suffer from seizures, or a heart condition. 



Limpia / Egg Cleansing

Using an un opened egg we use it over the energetic field of the body to clear highly negative energies. We then break the egg into a glass and observe what it is trying to tell us, ( egg reading)

This is a cross cultural very efficient/ ancient form of energy work. Sound bowls are also part of this treatment

$60  - 35 minutes


The Ascension Package  

This package includes the cosmic facial as well as a 30 ml custom facial oil formulation.

Please allow just over 1.5 hours for this service


Sound Therapy Tune Up


This mini half hour service can be used as your gateway to a rapid shift in vibrational energy. Experience deep clearing, as well as being tuned by the crystalline frequencies of alchemy crystal sound bowls. Leave rejuvenated and peaceful. A great service to book with a friend.​ This is an off body service ( no touching).

Please allow 30 minutes for this treatment.