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At Pranic Forest, we create luxury bath bombs that will soften your skin with grapeseed oil. Our bath bombs are handcrafted weekly, and are meant to be used up within 3 months of purchase. Old bath bombs should not be used as they can get sticky and gluey in a bath. Do not allow your hair to soak in the bath with the bath bomb, please tie it back. free from synthetic dyes or fragrances.
Each bath bomb is 3 inches in diameter, and was created with a healing purpose in mind to accommodate your bath ritual.


***The only bath bomb we recommend for small children and expectant mothers 

For Pain, inflammation, arthritis, and/or anxiety

Infused with terpenes derived from fruits and vegetables that will assist the  with anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety functions.  

terpenes have numerous benefits such as: combating stress, pain, arthritis

 This bath bomb contains sweet orange essential oil, terpenes (source from fruits and veggies), arrowroot powder, grape seed oil, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid.

All of our products are free from animal fats, synthetics, parabens, plastics, and chemical preservatives, petrol chemicals

do not use on small children or during pregnancy or if you are sensitive to essential oils.

10 Reviews

  • 4
    Bath bombs

    Published by Owner on 2023 Dec 23rd

    Great product, but one was crushed

  • 5
    For a deep relaxing bath

    Published by Krystine on 2022 Apr 9th

    I love how I feel after a bath with this bomb. I use only half a bomb at a time, personally. It feels like enough. Soft as hell skin, sleep well, and deeply relaxed.

  • 5
    The only bath bombs you need. Period.

    Published by Jess on 2022 Apr 4th

    Received one as a gift and have ordered over 10 since then. Beautifully scented and leaves my skin feeling nourishes and moisturized. The ONLY bath bomb I’ll use for my self-care, moon rituals

  • 5
    The bomb bombs!

    Published by Miranda on 2022 Jan 20th

    The CB2 Activator bath bombs work. And not just kinda, like in a big way. I actually cut them in half and get two baths out of them and my aches and pains are always in a far better state for it (I have Chronic pain so I know pain). And as an added bonus, the oils in the bomb moisturize so well leaving me smelling and lovely and smooth af. Cannot recommend enough.

  • 5
    Total Muscle Relaxation

    Published by Kelly on 2021 May 14th

    This bath bomb is a MUST for anyone with chronic achey muscles. This is one of the few things that offers me relief.

  • 5
    Cb2 bath bomb

    Published by Grace on 2021 Apr 29th

    I have had chronic pain for 14 years... this bath bomb is by far the best pain relief I have found, without the addictive side effects of narcotics. I love love love them, thank you for making them.

  • 5

    Published by Ruth Kolackovsky on 2021 Apr 16th

    This bath bomb takes relaxation to a whole new level. I can actually feel it reducing inflammation in my body. My sister had some massive bruising in her shoulder. She used this bath bomb and by morning the bruising looked like it had healed for about a week already.,

  • 4
    Effective but oily

    Published by Angela on 2020 Oct 30th

    This makes up a nice calming bath, but it was by far the oiliest bath I've ever taken. In the future, I'll be using a piece of the bomb instead of the whole bomb.

  • 5
    Was a gift

    Published by January Glass on 2020 Apr 23rd

    I personally haven’t tried this bath bomb. I gave it as a bday gift to a friend and she loved it! Said it was one of her favourite bath bombs she has experienced and said it was the perfect way to start off her bday self care day!

  • 5
    Love the scent and everything about these bath bombs.

    Published by Elena Tsvetkova on 2020 Feb 6th

    These are perfect for self-care night with a candle.

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