Know Your Products: Our Hydrosols

Know Your Products: Our Hydrosols

2020 Mar 10th

If you are unfamiliar with our facial mists, or don’t know how to fit them into your beauty routine, then today’s post is going to help shed some light on that, and answer any questions that you may have about our hydrosols, or hydrosols in general.

At Pranic Forest, we craft and carry 5 hydrosols:

  1. Lavender
  2. Nebula
  3. Portal
  4. Time Warp
  5. Yuvuta

Grown and distilled on the shores of Lake Okanagan, BC or right here in Calgary, AB, all of our hydrosols are true hydrosols engaged in the distillation process using an alembic copper distiller from Portugal that is lead free. It is a long process, yet a labour of love that engages in the plant spirit connection, and nothing short of sweet smelling alchemy.

Our hydrosols are all great for reducing pores, and are alcohol-free, so they do not dry out the skin. Each one of our offerings boast their own unique properties and natural scents.

Lavender - This hydrosol is especially beneficial for soothing and calming your skin, or a room. It is also excellent on bug bites, rashes, or inflamed skin. During the distillation process we do not separate the essential oils from the final product, so our hydrosol is extremely concentrated and aromatic.

Nebula - This hydrosol is especially beneficial for awakening and refreshing your skin. This hydrosol is beneficial for all skin types, and combines the antiinflammatory actions of yarrow, as well as the moisturizing effects of rose.

Portal - This clarifying hydrosol is especially beneficial for problematic and acne-prone skin; it combines the herbal power of thyme, juniper, and cypress.

Time Warp - This hydrosol is especially beneficial for ageing skin, as it contains labrador tea herb, which boasts one of the strongest antioxidant values.

Yuvuta - This hydrosol is especially soothing and beneficial for problematic skin issues such as rosacea, eczema, and acne. We have also added a high quality rose absolute to even further enhance this dreamy mist. This mist is great for refining pores, and it is alcohol free as to not dry out the skin.

How to Use:

Use this mist as a toner; after cleansing, spritz palms and pat onto the face.
Follow up with one of our facial oils (Sirius, Beautiful, Pegasus, Ersa)

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