Chakra Energy Balancing Perfume

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Product Description

Chakra is a powerful and great smelling essential oils to help balance your chakras

How to use:

Rub over the heart chakra, wrists, and back of neck.

The following is the list of essential oils that make up the very potent and amazing smelling chakra oil:

Frankincense: crown chakra
Sandalwood: ajna chakra 
Lavender/ German Chamomile: throat chakra
Rose: heart chakra
Grapefruit: solar plexus
Ylang Ylang/ Cinnamon bark: sacral chakra
Cedarwood/ Rosewood: root chakra

Plant based and in a base of coconut oil

Comes in a 10 ml glass roller.

***Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

All of our products are free from animal fats, synthetics, parabens, plastics, and chemical preservatives, petrol chemical free and cruelty free.


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    Chakra energy balancing perfume

    Posted by Tanis Shefer on 2018 Dec 14th

    The smell is amazing! It makes me feel happy every time I put it on that I sometimes put a dab under my nose to keep the smell close to me:) I love deliciously calming fragrances.

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