Meet our Practitioners

re a group of frequency explorers operating through an expanded consciousness. Through beauty, botanicals, and many combined healing modalities, we offer you a chance to come and recharge your energy. 

Our combined modalities includes: 

  • aromatherapy

  • facial reflexology (dien chan)

  • crystal healing

  • herbalism (MH.)

  • reiki

  • pranic healing

  • yoga nidra

  • meditation

  • spiritual response therapy

  • spiritual body restructuring

  • aesthetics

  • cosmetology

  • holistic beauty

  • light channeling

  • ancient occulted arts

  • tarot

  • sacred geometry

  • alchemy crystal sound bowls

When you are here, you are in great hands. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to inquire with any of our practitioners, or if you'd like to learn more about any of the services that we offer at the Apothecary. Please head over to our Services + Potions page to read more about our offerings. 



master herbalist, aromatherapist, psychic energy channeller, cosmetologist ,artist, occult / esoteric practitioner of the left hand path traditions, advanced pranic healer, tarot and Enoptomancy.


Amanda is a Master Herbalist and Certified Aromatherapist born on the full moon and summer solstice of 1975. She has been deeply immersed in
Mystical concepts and occult traditions throughout her life, and has studied, been initiated and practised a multitude of modalities therein. Originally from the eastern townships of Quebec Canada bordering Vermont, she was highly initiated through her grandmother, a clairvoyant medium and owl witch with Saxon roots from Ireland.

And by her father who was from the Caribbean sharing stories and experiences and teachings of exorcism, healing, brujeria,
And divination through the lens of African diaspora. This served to propel her deeply on the path of esoterica, and how beauty expresses itself
through the realms of the arcane employing herbal formulas, facial reflexology,
Frequency, incantation and sympathetic magic.
Looking to fortify these principles in the realms of ancient beauty, health, and wisdom she operates two apothecary shops in Western Canada,
And offers facial treatments/ healing rooted in ancient praxis with her team of highly skilled practitioners.
In addition she is a chaneller /illustrator and is the creator of Solara Occulto Tarot, and
Crimson Asteria Tarot. She makes her home on beautiful lake Okanagan British Columbia.



reiki/pranic healer, nidra facilitator, heart activator, shifter of frequencies, creator of ritual tools, herbology student, osteomancy and esoteric practitioner



I am a proud mother of 2 amazing starseeds. I get to see the world anew through their eyes. I am a Believer of love. Conjuror of magic. Bringer of Light.

Over the years I have studied multiple forms of meditation, occult traditions, tribal living and quantum theories. My life has led me around the globe, creating a path to learn and grow in unfamiliar spaces while I unlearned and outgrew limiting belief patterns.

My intention is to always come from a place of expanded consciousness, to dive deeper into self and assist others in awakening to their divinity. Pranic healing, reiki, sound and crystal therapy are just some of the modalities that have assisted me on this journey. I have many years of observed progression in clients. Along with amplified clair senses and ability to channel life force energy with intent. 

My purpose is to heal old wounds that are stored in the body and mind, cultivating love where those scars remain. To uncloak truth and illuminate knowledge that is our birth right.



Pranic healing, reiki, sound and crystal therapy, tarot, clean beauty 




I am South Sudanese. My life has taught me how to be in a constant state of rebirth, staying true to my Scorpio nature. Deconstructing what we are taught to believe and letting go of the things we think we need to be. In doing this we can allow more room for Spirit to work through us without the limitations of ego. 

 My belief is that to surrender to the constant flow of cosmic energy is to tap into the infinite abundance at our disposal. It can help to see the intertwined potential timelines available to us. Through tapping into the divine consciousness we can choose the ones most aligned for our highest good. My intention is to help understand this is an innate ability within us all, as well as help to recognize the illusion of separation for what it is in order to release it.

 The traditions I continue to learn through the teachings of Kehmet and Egyptian occult practices, as well as Pranic healing, reiki, herbalism and tarot allow me to channel with intention and direction. The mentorship I have found through Amanda and Kirsten have allowed me to better understand and study the duality within the occult and esoteric worlds, navigating the line between shadow and light.