About Amanda



master herbalist, aromatherapist, psychic energy channeller, cosmetologist ,artist, occult / esoteric practitioner of the left hand path traditions, advanced pranic healer, tarot and Enoptomancy.


Amanda is a Master Herbalist and Certified Aromatherapist born on the full moon and summer solstice of 1975. She has been deeply immersed in
Mystical concepts and occult traditions throughout her life, and has studied, been initiated and practised a multitude of modalities therein. Originally from the eastern townships of Quebec Canada bordering Vermont, she was highly initiated through her grandmother, a clairvoyant medium and owl witch with Saxon roots from Ireland.

And by her father who was from the Caribbean sharing stories and experiences and teachings of exorcism, healing, brujeria,
And divination through the lens of African diaspora. This served to propel her deeply on the path of esoterica, and how beauty expresses itself
through the realms of the arcane employing herbal formulas, facial reflexology,
Frequency, incantation and sympathetic magic.
Looking to fortify these principles in the realms of ancient beauty, health, and wisdom she operates two apothecary shops in Western Canada,
And offers facial treatments/ healing rooted in ancient praxis with her team of highly skilled practitioners.
In addition she is a chaneller /illustrator and is the creator of Solara Occulto Tarot, and
Crimson Asteria Tarot. She makes her home on beautiful lake Okanagan British Columbia.